Value from data

Nitro Sales \ Marketing Group is a specialist in sales solutions that support real results-based sales. For 13 years, we've been helping clients build their database, make acquisitions and add value to their existing customer base, and optimize their marketing processes.

Our cloud-based marketing automation and lead generation solutions help our clients to operate with predictive efficiency in both the online and offline space. We provide strategic and creative agency support where required.

We have 90 workstations in our call centre to help our clients sell by systematically targeting their target groups. Our database, carefully built up over the years, provides up-to-date decision maker contact information for 90% of the SME market.

Business efficiency and results - verifiable at ROI level

Our data-driven sales and marketing programs give a measurable boost to your prospect or customer database: better leads, faster sales process, more conversions, more activity, increased frequency, higher basket value, or even lower churn, less abandonment - which of these performance indicators are focused on is determined by the business situation and strategy. We know that results are the most important aspect of collaboration - let's bring the numbers!


Customized, scalable programs with continuous optimization

Every business has goals, which we learn to identify with from the start of the collaboration. So we support small to medium sized companies and large enterprises in all industries, whether it's filling the sales funnel or increasing the actual value of your visitor or customer database, and through that, your company's business performance. In many cases, we work on an outcome basis because we believe it means less risk on the client side and more revenue for us in recognition of extra performance.