Our solutions to increase database and customer value

In the box - Turnkey solutions

  • Marketing automation packages

    We offer a fast-to-implement data-driven sales \ marketing solution for all market players. Our packages are designed to be implemented by companies with smaller databases, newsletter marketers with greater ambitions (and database segmentation ideas), and e-merchants who want to communicate with an audience of hundreds of thousands in a personalized manner.

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  • Call Center & Lead Generation services

    In our call center, we can help our customers sell at 90 workstations by systematically processing their target groups. Our database, which has been carefully built over the years, has up-to-date contact information for 90% of the SME market. In addition to lead generation, we also provide outsourced customer service and telephone market research services.

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  • Performance analysis and business intelligence

    Our data analysis and consulting team implement a managerial representation of actual business performance in a short lead time, from performance analysis audit to defining KPIs and developing a measurement plan to implementing automatically updated data visualization tools, dashboards, and executive summaries.

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  • GDPR-proof multichannel consent-management

    Consent Memory is a GDPR-compatible, cloud-based service that securely stores and manages consents collected through online and offline channels. The CM Go!  extension can be used to collect consents via dedicated tablets at all kinds of events.

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  • Database audit & database analysis

    By surveying, cleaning and interpreting the data assets, we perform segmentation and potential analyses to help you tell exactly who to communicate to and when, and on which channel. Data-driven operations make marketing communications more efficient, sales more effective and the whole process much easier to follow. 

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Out of the box - Complex, tailor-made data-driven solutions

  • Sales and marketing-driven digital transformation

    Our complex, data-driven sales, and marketing programs enable more efficient lead generation, lead management, and take advantage of cross-selling and upselling opportunities, while also optimizing the processes involved. All this results in business and financial growth.

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  • Customer incentive programs

    Loyalty programs are experiencing a renaissance as a customer value development tool, the effectiveness of which is facilitated by both digitization and the proliferation of mar-tech devices. The creation and management of such programs, which provide internal or 3rd party benefits, require a great deal of expertise and experience due to their high complexity.

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  • Reseller motivation platforms

    Our special loyalty programs aimed to boost reseller network output result in significant sales gains and guaranteed ROI if the platform’s motivational system and related communications elements are properly calibrated. This is provided by BRAIN, Nitro’s proprietary loyalty engine.

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