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For years now, a topic that has been discussed at international and national trade events and that the market is now beginning to really grasp: data-driven approaches and marketing automation solutions that also use artificial intelligence are fundamentally changing what we have come to expect from marketing. Whether it's a B2B business, an eCommerce platform or brand communication, profiling-based marketing automation offers a competitive advantage in many areas. How? Through identification, targeted communications and relevant content.

Interested parties turn into leads, leads into sales


- while on the flip side, manual, repetitive, tedious work is reduced, efficiency is improved, and the error factor is reduced. With the right software and professionals, well-managed and well-positioned solutions, decisive growth can be achieved.

Tailored to your business, Nitro's data-driven sales and marketing programmes enable you to get the most out of the database available. We create customized customer profiles from which we implement personalized communications using proprietary or third-party software. Communication will be extended with automated elements as the programme progresses and will become increasingly self-service. The result:

  • Increased sales and cross-selling volume
  • Increased customer retention
  • Loyalty increase
  • Customer activation

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Marketing automation

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Start Box
  • 1 email newsletter and 1 sales eDM template, tested
  • Keeping your mailing list up to date, subscriptions and unsubscriptions
  • 2 mailings per month, 50.000 emails in total
  • Free consultation and preliminary bounce analysis up to 25,000 email addresses
  • 50% discount on the one-off fee for annual orders
Boost Box
  • Customer Discovery Workshop
  • 1 email newsletter and 1 sales eDM and 1 automatic message template
  • 4 initial lead capture and push creative templates
  • Unlimited email and web push sending, pop-up, form, landing publishing and display
  • Free consultation and preliminary bounce analysis up to 100,000 email addresses
  • Annual order with 200 000 Ft discount from the one-time fee
Enterprise Box

We offer our enterprise solutions to companies with tens of thousands of customers and/or newsletter databases who want a complete marketing automation solution to optimize marketing and sales funnel performance and effectively support customer lifecycle management. Our services are available at all stages of implementation:

  • Qualification
  • Business consultation
  • Technical consultation, implementation
  • Implementation and technical assistance

Implement a data-driven sales and marketing programme - in as little as one month:


  1. Business and technical audit. During the consultation, we will assess the status of the website, the database, the current database building process, the marketing tools and techniques currently used and planned, the sales channels and of course the business needs.
  2. Programme design. develop segmentation plan, start profile building
  3. Implementation. Technical integration of the chosen platform along standard connectors is now a routine task, but requires developer intervention - with full Nitro support of course. In parallel to the integration, the database migration, the initial segmentation, and the development of the lead generation tools, email templates and other tools required for the planned programme will be carried out.
  4. Program launch. After testing all aspects of the implementation, the program is ready to go live. During launch, we closely monitor performance and continuously optimize. We participate in the operation of the program as necessary, adding resources and competencies according to the needs agreed in advance. We monitor the progress of the planned results in monthly reports.

Call Center & Lead Generation services

In our call center, we can help our customers sell at 90 workstations by systematically processing their target groups. Our database, which has been carefully built over the years, has up-to-date contact information for 90% of the SME market. In addition to lead generation, we also provide outsourced customer service and telephone market research services.

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Performance analysis and business intelligence

Our data analysis and consulting team implement a managerial representation of actual business performance in a short lead time, from performance analysis audit to defining KPIs and developing a measurement plan to implementing automatically updated data visualization tools, dashboards, and executive summaries.

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Database audit & database analysis

By surveying, cleaning and interpreting the data assets, we perform segmentation and potential analyses to help you tell exactly who to communicate to and when, and on which channel. Data-driven operations make marketing communications more efficient, sales more effective and the whole process much easier to follow. 

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