Call Center and lead generation services

Nitro Sales & Marketing Group is a specialist in sales solutions that support real results-based sales. For 12 years, we have been helping clients build their database, make acquisitions, and improve the value of their existing customer base, as well as optimize their marketing processes.

With 90 workstations in our call centre, we help our clients to sell by systematically targeting their target groups. Our database, carefully built over the years, provides up-to-date decision maker contact information for 90% of the SME market. Our unique quality assurance methodology guarantees the continuous delivery of valuable leads. We also have decades of experience in customer service and telephone polling.

But Nitro doesn't stop there:

We innovatively combine electronic and in-person channels to handle both outbound and inbound inquiries.


We can even combine online, mobile, telesales and door-to-door solutions.

And what is our patchwork? We see that the effectiveness of a consultative, customer-profile-based sales approach is several times that of "one-product" sales campaigns.

Call Center

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What does the cooperation process look like?

  1. After discussing the objectives, we decide on the cooperation.
  2. We define the volume and timeframe.
  3. We prepare our quotation.
  4. Sales audit - we look at where we can add value to the system for the target customer base / 
    products/services, evaluate current activities from a professional perspective and review the bottlenecks in the sales team.
  5. We will launch a 3-6 month pilot programme.
  6. Based on a successful pilot programme, we will propose a long-term ongoing cooperation.

What is the timeframe for results?

  • Depending on the size of the organisation, the programme can be launched within 4-8 weeks from the moment the decision to collaborate is taken.
  • The launch date will depend largely on the sales capacity required, as well as the complexity of the products and services to be sold, training and education needs.
  • Once sales are launched, the first results can be expected within 1-3 months, depending on the conversion time in the area.


Marketing automation packages

We offer a fast-to-implement data-driven sales \ marketing solution for all market players. Our packages are designed to be implemented by companies with smaller databases, newsletter marketers with greater ambitions (and database segmentation ideas), and e-merchants who want to communicate with an audience of hundreds of thousands in a personalized manner.

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Reseller motivation platforms

Our special loyalty programs aimed to boost reseller network output result in significant sales gains and guaranteed ROI if the platform’s motivational system and related communications elements are properly calibrated. This is provided by BRAIN, Nitro’s proprietary loyalty engine.

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