Reseller motivation platforms


The best sales strategy cannot work well if it is not embraced by your reseller partners. In addition, marketing tools that otherwise work well are in most cases not applicable to the reseller process. A completely different type of loyalty programme towards partners is needed. Calibration is key: the right combination of incentives and communication panels is needed.

But the results make it worth the effort.


In fact, reseller loyalty programmes offer extraordinary benefits in many respects.

  • In many cases, the retailer knows the local environment best - but not necessarily the brand. With greater engagement, they can better tailor the product to the local selling characteristics.
  • Resellers also play a key role in increasing brand awareness, so their own engagement is reflected in their customers.
  • With segmentation, different promotions can run in parallel, reinforcing each other.

Nitro Communications' proprietary loyalty engine, Brain, can provide the conditions to deliver high-return reseller motivation programmes that deliver real results. Marketing automation tools can help us increase reseller engagement through personalised communications with a unique tone of voice. Comprehensive incentive programmes provide support to partners in response to reseller needs. The result: a joint collaboration that is mutually beneficial for all parties.



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