Database audit and analysis

It's become a trite saying in the online marketing profession that data is the new oil - but like most clichés, it's an important and true saying. Data is the new oil, because just as 150 years ago few people had any idea of the fabulous potential for riches that black gold held, so too people are still unaware of the importance of data.

And it's not just users: there are many examples of businesses squandering data assets.

It's true: data is difficult and cumbersome to handle, it takes a lot of effort to keep in order, and reading it is a real art.

Nitro was one of the first companies in our country to discover the potential of data and has been providing a variety of data-driven solutions to its customers for more than 10 years. A wealth of experience has led to the development of our complex database portfolio, which takes a holistic approach to our customers' database systems.

As a result of this 360-degree service, our clients are able to answer the most important questions in marketing communications and sales with almost maximum accuracy:

  • Who is the exact target group?
  • When is it worth communicating to the target group?
  • What topics can be used to reach the target group?
  • Which communication channels will be most effective?

Database analysis helps not only to plan campaigns accurately, but also to follow them up. Continuous and regular reading of the data allows for continuous adjustment and improvement, constructive evaluation and thus a better understanding of the future.

Data Science

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Performance analysis and business intelligence

Our data analysis and consulting team implement a managerial representation of actual business performance in a short lead time, from performance analysis audit to defining KPIs and developing a measurement plan to implementing automatically updated data visualization tools, dashboards, and executive summaries.

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GDPR-proof multichannel consent-management

Consent Memory is a GDPR-compatible, cloud-based service that securely stores and manages consents collected through online and offline channels. The CM Go!  extension can be used to collect consents via dedicated tablets at all kinds of events.

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Sales and marketing-driven digital transformation

Our complex, data-driven sales, and marketing programs enable more efficient lead generation, lead management, and take advantage of cross-selling and upselling opportunities, while also optimizing the processes involved. All this results in business and financial growth.

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