Subscription and registration management with GDPR compliance


The introduction of the GDPR regulation in the EU has not only had legal consequences - it has also made users themselves more aware.

They are more aware of what data they share, what data they contribute to advertising and what data they are careful about.

The collection of consent has become complicated, improper handling of consent has become illegal and the misuse of data has become a criminal offence, placing a huge burden on companies.

Consent Memory helps with this complex and often unpleasant process.

Developed in-house by Nitro, it offers a simple yet professional solution for companies who want to manage and process email data in a transparent and legal way. 
and direct marketing activities. Consent Memory is fully GDPR compliant and, although it stores data in the cloud, it can also reconcile information received via offline or telephone channels. The development will make the complex data flowing through the systems available in a common-sense system that can be connected to a variety of other software (e.g. SAP) via API connectivity.

Consent Memory therefore provides a complete service that can efficiently, quickly and easily solve the problematic issues that arise with the introduction of the GDPR.  

Consent Memory Go! goes even further, and can manage legal consents by registration at offline events - using just a tablet. Our customers can then focus on their marketing activity and their own business with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that the legal background to the data management is secure.


Consent Memory Go!

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How does Consent Memory work?

Consent Memory is provided on the administration side (back office):


  • create a website integration form / API (to add consents)
  • Generate legal documents, even with legal guarantees (consent text, privacy policy, game rules)
  • bulk data upload (previously recorded consents)
  • management of consents (e.g. modifications and deletions, based on requests received by customer service)
  • full traceability - including at the level of public authorities.

With Consent Memory, appropriate user interfaces (front-office) and processes can be designed without programming:

Subscription form interface - to give consent
Preference interface - to view, modify, withdraw or delete consent

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